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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thanks Again And Some Cute Pics

Hi there,

I hope all of you are having a great day.

Thank you so much again for your kind comments. For your thoughts and prayers on our behalf.  My sister is doing fine today. I spoke with her on the phone. She said that she feels way better today than she did yesterday. :)

Just thought I'd show you some cute pictures that I have...

Well, I guess I will have to show you another time. They are not uploading. Probably because this computer knows that I told my husband I was coming to bed soon. It wanted to cause me to stay up longer to try and fix the problem and get in trouble. It knows. My computer is possessed sometimes. lol

Now I am not sure what to write about. Hmmm, weather was nice today I went out without a coat in the late afternoon.  Still not sure when we are going to get spring though.  

Oh, and I have a surprise. I can't tell about it yet. :)

I tried just now to get a picture and it started to upload. I thought YAYYY then it decided not to finish. BOOOOO   Oh well...

I should go, it is late (isn't it always?) LOL

Sorry that this is quite boring. Hopefully things will work right tomorrow.  I am going to have to post earlier in the evening or during the day so we can get our schedule back to normal. I think I said that before. Please look for me on your blog list a little further back. Does that sound right?  Instead of seeing me near the top of your list,  I will be further down. lol That still sounded strange. I hope you know what I mean. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Take care, Janet  (((HUGS)))


  1. Hope you had a good night, Janet- Can't wait to see your pictures! xo Diana

  2. I'll bet your pictures will be up when I leave for Buffalo--what are you trying to do to me, girl?!? ;)--Have a great weekend and get some sleep--big hugs, Jan

  3. Just go to bed girlfriend, and hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  4. Hi Janet..
    Boy you've had your share of trials lately..
    Thankfully, it sounds like you've been blessed too :)

    I've missed visiting with you!

    I've started a new blog (left the old one private, and just for family) I'd love to have you come visit.
    Just click on my name in the comments, or visit me at always fixin never sittin blogspot.

    Looking forward to your visit.

  5. Hi Janet,
    I have missed a few posts and am just catching up now. I'm glad your sister is feeling better now. It is always so stressful when loved ones are sick and away. I hope things will begin to settle down with you now.

  6. So glad your sister is better.. Sorry about your computer.. smile..

  7. Janet...computers have a mind of there own & they love to mess with our minds...giggle.
    Sorry you souldn't get your pics downloaded.

    Glad your sister is better...

    I'm home and doing ok. Slept and slept yesterday and last night & it felt great to rest but now I'm awake at dawn..not my schedule...lol...

    Thanks for all of your support, kind words and prayers they meant so much to me!!

    have a Grea Weeekend!



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