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Thursday, March 15, 2012

This That And The Other

Hi there,

Well, it is 4:23am.  Princess Downy finally came out to go outside for the last time.  If I make her  go out sooner than she is ready then I will have a surprise waiting for me in the morning. So I stay out here at the computer checking emails, chatting, and playing Mah Jong.  Was that more information than you wanted? lol

I have decided to stay up and then just have a little nap later.  I have a mountain of dishes to do, so I am going to try to get it down to a mole hill. That sounded silly. 

Yesterday I tried to upload a video to my post and it didn't work.  It took forever. It was still uploading after 30 mins. Not sure what I did wrong. I did what I was supposed to do.  The video is on my desktop and in Windows Media Player.  Could that be the problem? It is a video I got in an email that I wanted to share with you.  Can anyone help me?

We are starting to get cabin fever here.  Staying in most of the 'winter' has been very boring. lol  I told my hubby that we could do something fun.  Go room by room and clean really good. He just gave me 'the look.' LOL  The 'junk' is making me claustrophobic.  We really do have to do something about it.  Spring Cleaning. :)

My goodness this is a boring post. lol   I gotta do something...

Ok, let me tell you a little experience I had when I was about 7 years old....When I was about 5 or 6 years old we move into a house that had been vacant for a while. And some how became the home for monster spiders. :) And somehow they would always end up in the bedroom my sister and I shared.

We had bunk beds and I got to sleep on the top bunk. There was a ladder on the front of the bed and a railing so that I wouldn't fall out. Mom actually nailed it to the head and foot boards so that it stayed put. I always did a spider check before I went up to bed cause the spiders liked to hang out up in the corner at the head of the bed by the ceiling. Well, one night I climbed the foot of the bed and forgot about the spider check. I got into bed, covered up and looked at the ceiling and there just above my face was the BIGGEST, BLACKEST, SCARIEST LOOKING spider I had ever seen. It was HUGE.  Bigger than my fist. I called out to my sister in the lower bed. She said 'No.'  She knew it was there and wasn't going to 'save me.'  She liked to pick up spiders and pull their legs off. Ewwww

I couldn't believe it. So I just laid there looking at it.  It was like it was staring at me licking its lips. With a knife in one hand or leg and a fork in the other. And a bib or something around its neck.  It was going to eat me.  All of a sudden it MOVED ONE LEG. I was gone, I broke the railing and the ladder. Got slivers up and down my legs.  Mom and my step dad come running in to see what all the noise was about.   I was crying and going on in mom's arms, scared to death. And dad got mad at me for breaking the bed. :( 
Do you think that I ever forgot to do a 'spider check' after that??

Well I guess I should go and get started on the dishes. It is now 5:09 am. Can't believe it has taken me this long to write this post.  I hope it wasn't too terribly boring. :)

Have a great day. Take care....


  1. Oh- That spider story gave ME the shivers, too. I hate those things they are just so creepy and it's not like you can hear them coming! Poor girl-what a shocker. Hope you got some sleep-xo Diana

  2. You crack me up! That story about the spider made me laugh, although I'm pretty darn sure it wasn't funny back then. Get those dishes done and take a nap! C-ya later!


  3. Hee hee, Janet. I love your spider story!
    I am like that about slugs.
    Sorry you're feeling trapped. I reccommend Lady Lydia's 'Home Living' blog for inspiration.
    It is quite stern and in a style of a past era, but I do find it always inspires me to be content at home and make it lovely. If i could I would have you to afternoon tea!
    As you see, I am back on blogging but only a little. Will 'see' you properly later next week.
    Do visit me!
    xxx H
    PS That sweet little Princess D. is a bit of a Madam, as we say over here! Bless her.
    PPS Don't know about posting video's...my hubby helped me with the html when I did it. x

  4. Lol. I'm laughing because I still do a spider check at night by my pillow. Once you see a black, hairy, 8 legged creature eyeing you like dinner, from your pillow......you check!!

  5. LOL..you cracked me up Janet with the spider story..I think staying up all night like w do lends us to share some silly stuff..
    I bet you LOL everytime you think of that big old spider story...
    I'm not really afraid of spiders I usually just pick them up with a tissue and pitchem out the door.. Since they eat the really buggy bugs that pester us daily ..but for those who are afraid of them I understand there fear..
    Hope yu got the dishes done...
    Love the picture of Downy in the snow..to cute!

    Have a great day!



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