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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Night At The Opera...I Mean The Hospital

Hi everyone,

I hope you all have been enjoying the weather. Seems very springy everywhere. Although,  didn't winter seem springy too? LOL

Remember the other day I mentioned that I had to go to the ER with chest pains? Well, I did it again yesterday (Wednesday).  And because it was twice in just a few days they decided to keep me.  So I got to have a vacation. YEAH, RIGHT lol

Got sticky things with cords attached to my chest and an oxygen canula in my nose, IV in my arm.  Four baby aspirin, two nitro, some IV med that started with an M and later on IV potassium, both meds in regular IV saline bags. Hospital food that wasn't very good. Usually their food is ok.  Had a blast lol

I am ok. Must not have been a heart problem. Doc says he thinks it is more an esophagus problem. I have had times before in the past few years when I have had to stop swallowing cause it was stuck. I had to relax so the muscles would relax too. Then I could finish swallowing. Not an easy thing to do, relax when you think you might choke. It made me faint once. I woke up on the floor. But I have had to deal with it for a while and  know what to do. 

Anyway I am ok. :) Got released this morning at around 9 or 10am and had to come back at noon for a stress test.  Had just enough time to check hubby's blood sugar, give him insulin, give him pills, give him lunch, wash and almost dry a load of clothes and take a shower. Then back to the hospital. I got to walk on a treadmill that kept getting faster and steeper. Boy, am I a wimp. I didn't last long. My arms hurt more than anything else, from holding on the the bar so I wouldn't fly backwards of the thing. LOL

Today the weather was great. A little windy, but warm enough to not have to wear a coat. We still have a little snow on the ground in places.

Princess Downy was funny today..first she was excited to see mommy get home. Little tail waggin' 100mph. :) Then tonight just a while ago she kept acting like she wanted to go out and I kept getting up and opening the door. And all she did was stand there at the door barking at the great outdoors. This was getting a little old lol  Crying wolf lol  So the last time she did it I just said nope I'm not going to get up again. :)  She gave up. lol  I will have to take her out one more time later though.

Well I should go. Enjoy the weather. Have a great Friday.  Take care


  1. Oh dear, Janet, I have just seen your post - after replying to you on my blog - I had no idea! I hope you are indeed okay and you have my prayers that the sawllowing problem will stop affecting you , too.
    It sounds like you have quite a lot on your plate with your hubby's diabetic difficulties.
    Make sure you get rests!
    Hospital is not fun, at least they are there for you in an emergency, though.
    Enjoy simple things,make sure you get rests and leave it at that...everything else should
    Love to you,
    xxx H

  2. Oh my goodness how are you doing?? I have not read any blogs for a while...I have only been posting and then get off.. I will be praying for you... they still don't know what is wrong?? You need to take care of you. I know it is hard taking care of hubby...Will pray for your srenght....((((HUGS)))

  3. Janet what are we gonna do with you? You have had a tough time of it lately. Kinda got alot on your plate don't you? Call your visiting teachers, you need some help at least with some meals or something until things get better. Get some rest, you really need to.

  4. I am glad you are okay, Janet. You know, better safe than sorry!!! I have seen heart attacks happen because someone thought they had indigestion You just go when you feel like you need to go! xo Diana

  5. Glad you are ok dear girl..
    Hope you will be feeling better soon..
    God bless...

  6. Janet--Girl, I guess I just can't go to any shows--you keep having problems when I leave!!Certainly hope you are ok now. Do you need to have your esophagus stretched? Al has had it done twice and the doctor wants to do it again. At restaurants he needs to have 2 drinks there at all times, in case the waitress doesn't come around for awhile. Hope you are doing well now--stay out of the hospital!!!!! :)--Jan


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