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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kerin, Weather And The Cute Pics

Hi everyone,

I hope that all of you have had a great day.  

Kerin, it's so nice to see you back. Missed you. I tried to make a comment on your new blog but it kept bringing up a page that said that your blog had been removed. How weird is that when I was just there. I hope that it gets worked out. Probably just a blogspot glitch. Thank you for your comment.  I loved your post.  Take care. :)

The snow is all gone from our yard except a little bit, like maybe a couple of tablespoons worth. Don't know why it is still there, Why can't it just give in and melt away? lol Today temps got to 59 degrees. It was nice but a little windy. And then it rained this evening and may snow a little over night.

I wanted to  show you the cute pics that wouldn't upload last night. So here we go.....Anyone want to suggest captions?

Now are those cute or what?:)

I love little critter pics.  They make me smile.

Have a great day everyone. Take care....(((HUGS)))


  1. Awww - hawww!!! So do (I love them). Like the black and white 'puppies - in - a - bowl' best!
    Can't think of a caption, (I have NO BRAIN this morning) I'll dwell upon it a while...
    Spring will be there soon for you!
    xxx H

  2. Hi Janet--Just woke up--my brain won't work for at least an hour. Those are cute pics. I always send brian cute pics of cats and dogs in costumes because he hates when people dress them up!! :) Have a great day.--Jan

  3. Those pics are adorable. Definately worth the wait. The pup with the pillow stuffing - love the expression! Lol "Seriously Mom, I found it this way"

  4. My two-year-old likes your pictures!

  5. Hi Janet...
    You are so good to me .. thank you :)

    I hope that the glitches get worked out on the new blog and that you are able to post comments and follow me now.
    I've got my technical team working on it..aka.. my daughter and son..LOL

    Adorable critters!! Isn't it amazing how such little furry critters can melt our hearts and put a smile on our faces ??!!

    Hope it warms up there for you!!
    We didn't have much of a winter... but Spring sure is taking it's sweet time getting here!!

  6. Those pictures make ME smile, too. I have found that if I click on the name of the post it says that there is no such thing...if I click on the name of the BLOG(BLOGGER) it opens right up. I bate all these little glitches. xo Diana

  7. Morning Janet...Talk about a wake up smile..Great pictures.. My Fav is the first one...sorry my brain is still hung over from all the surgry drugs so can't come up with a header for any of them so I'm giving them an over all name "Mischief about to happen!

    Thank you for all your support & prayers!

    Have a great weekend.



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