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Saturday, March 24, 2012

OH NO NOT AGAIN....And Thank You

Hi there,

How are you all doing?  We are fine. Cold but fine.   The pilot light in the furnace went out again. :(  Why can't it happen in the daytime when I can get someone to come and fix it? Last time a friend came to fix it he told me how to light it but right now I can't remember and I didn't right down the steps.  Silly me. Well thank goodness it is not below freezing outside tonight. I think it is 40 something right now.  Still a little nippy, but I think we will manage.

By next winter I intend to have a thick heavy quilt instead of two thin wimpy ones. lol  By next winter I hope we have moved to where we are going to live for the rest of our lives.  A nice little or sorta little place that looks like this:

 Well sort of...

Just got the "Princess" out for the last time. So I can go to bed soon. 

I love seeing the spring pictures that a lot of you are posting. The trees that are budding and the little flowers that are coming up in your yards. We don't have anything here yet. We have had nice temps though. Up in the 50s at times. :)

Gotta run...ohhhh run, that can warm me up.  Wish I had a long flannel nightgown and wool socks. lol

Have a great weekend everyone. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and well wishes. :)

Take care.....

That kinda warms me up. :)

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