"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you."

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thanks TCP , Stuff, And The Bible

Howdy everyone,

I found this new background and a nice Spring Blessings one at TCP  
And it even fit on  my selling blog which is a different template. :) If you'd like to check it out there too, Click Here
I have been working on adding things there too. :)

Not much going on here. It is 1:14 am. I am waiting to check Mel's blood sugar again to make sure it is going down. It was very high a while ago.  We need to get it down before I can go to bed. And I am also waiting to take Princess Downy outside. Hopefully I can do both in about 45 minutes. And then go to bed.

I did my house cleaning today, like every Saturday. I don't like to have to have a messy house on Sunday. I like my Sundays to be filled with the Spirit not filled with a sink full of dishes. I am almost finished with reading the chapters in the book of Exodus that I had mentioned in a previous post, yayyyy.  And I want to get started on the book of Acts. It has been a while since I have read the new testament all the way through. I like studying the bible. :)

I just thought of a question for you.  I will think about it too and have an answer for you soon.  What is your favorite part of the bible and why? :) Or what is the neatest thing that you have learned from reading the bible? 

Have a wonderful Sunday. Take care....



  1. I've learned that it's okay to underline, highlight, mark-up and write all kinds of notes in my Bible.

    Since doing so...I feel like I have an old friend by my side. I do anyway without all of that...but I'm just saying I would feel/be SO LOST in a new Bible.

  2. Well, I hope you got to bed at a decent hour and got some rest. I am working on a read the bible in a year plan and I have to admit that I am a bit behind. Maybe a good catch up day today! Anyway, I have always loved the Pslams. My father loved the psalms, too.

    I always rush around to have a clean, neat house for Sunday, too! xo Diana

  3. Boy oh boy, I just don't know how you function with your sleeping schedule. Your husband is one blessed man to have you to take care of him!
    I always loved the story of Job. Reminds me that my life isn't all that bad! Have a good evening!


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