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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR  My goodness!  It is only about 23 degrees outside according to Yahoo,  and I was freezing. Usually it takes lower temps than that to make me cold.  Little doggie, Downy, whose picture I will try to remember to post some time, had to go potty. Sometimes she can go down the stairs on her own and other times she will pace the top step looking like she is trying to figure out how to get down. Well, guess what, tonight mamma had to get a sweater on and go out in stocking feet and pick her up and take her down the stairs. lol  Whats funny is is that the minute I pick her up she is trying to get down. She flaps her front legs like she's trying to fly or swim or something. Then, this time it just takes 2 seconds or so to do what she went out there for.  Usually she has to sniff every blade of grass or pile of 'other stuff' in order to decide where to 'go', when she has found the general area that suits her she goes around and around and around and around in circles before she lands. LOL Sounds like a plane waiting to land. She is a very sweet, cute and friendly little white Maltese.  She is almost 9 years old. Later when I get a  picture of her up I will try to remember to tell you how we got her.

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  1. Ha! It was too cold to potty out there. I can't wait to see a picture of Downy! Our little dog is a chihuahua/maltese/japanese chin mix. :) He refuses to do #2 when it is cold out! It is 48 here right now and only supposed to reach 45. I guess what we see is what we get today! Yesterday it was in the 70's so today will seem cold!

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