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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For....

TAH DAH !! This is Downy. Awwww ain't  she sweet?  Please ignore the mess behind.  We were just moving in or moving things out to our storage unit. And ignore me. lol  Only one eye has dark circles under it here. This is the best post-chemo picture of me. Others are too scarey to share. lol

Downy is a Maltese. She is now about 9 yrs old. This is as big as she will get. Well, except she is a little bigger now. She has been a little piggie the past year and has gained a little weight. Maltese are very friendly little dogs.  Downy  always has to be where the action is.  If someone comes to the door, or she hears someone in the house she will come flying out the of back room to see who's here.  If you rub her tummy you got a friend for life.  She LOVES tummy rubs. 

We got her in 2004. In the spring my husband had a stroke. It didn't cause mobility problems. It was a small stroke. Still a bit scarey. This was in April. We were living in the mountains as security/caretakers for a gated area in the Uintah mountains in northern Utah. Someone found Downy just wondering along the highway and brought her to us. Mel road around the area to see if she belonged to anyone.  He came back with her and she spent the night. The next day I checked outside our gates and found her owners.  They were a family from our church.  Mel had become attached to her already and it was hard to give her back. A few days later they asked us if we would tend her on Tuesdays cause no one would be home. We said yes of course. Then a few days after that they asked if we wanted her. We said YES of course. So that is how we got her.  She and Mel are so attached to each other. And she is just the funniest little thing.  She even fights with her food. lol She will get a piece of food from her dish in the kitchen and bring it out to the living room and throw it, then crouch down like she is getting ready to pounce on it. Then she springs at it. LOL She even grrrrs at it. LOL  Sometimes she loses her food  under the chairs when she throws it.  

More about little  Downy another time. It is late. Hope you have a great Wednesday. 

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  1. Downy is adorable....Loved hearing the story about her...Lisa


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