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Friday, November 18, 2011

Warm Warm And Hot Cocoa And Snow :)

Some time during the night our furnace went out and oh boy was it cold.  I think we need more than just two thin quilts. Great gusting winds last night rocked the walls and went down the chimney blowing out the pilot light. My husband can't fix things any more and we didn't have a good flashlight to see inside or I would have fixed it. So we had to call someone. And only a few minutes ago did someone finally come to fix it. It's almost 5pm. We may need a part called a Thermocouple. Don't know if that is the right spelling or if it is two words. I hope we won't need that.

And just about a 1/2 hour ago the snow came. May have a couple inches all ready.  The weather report on my trusty cell phone said that today we would get 2 to 4 inches.  And tonight 6-10 inches more. WOOHOOO!! Here it comes! LOL I love it. 

I have cocoa right now. The cup warms my hands. :) Its my toes that are froze. lol  Snow update later..Have a great weekend.:)


  1. I hope you will be warm and cozy real soon. Lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa. It is now 1:17am. And I just finished my 4th sweeping and shoveling of the porch and stairs. Princess Downy had to go out one last time. The snow has slowed down now We probably got a foot or so. :) Will be warm in cozy within the hour. Take care, thanks for stopping by.


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