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Saturday, November 5, 2011


Hi Everyone!  Ok, the post title is YAYYYYYYY for two reasons.  One, our car is fixed. It was dead for a week.  A week ago, Thursday I was in the Walmart parking lot.  I got in my car to go home. I turned the key and it did nothing. Now, I know it is not good to run a car on less than 1/4 of a tank but we just had to. And the gas light had been on. But usually I know how far I can go like that. Not that this has happened a lot. We still had four or five days til payday.  I was going to price some things and go home. I thought I had enough gas to do that and then to get to church and back and not drive again til payday and go right to the gas station. Well, I was wrong.  I have to admit that that happens once in a while. lol  A friend came over with some gas and I was able to get home.  The next day, wait, I think I am remembering wrong cause the next day we were at Walmart again.  I think I forgot earlier that we were going to get a little income sooner than the four or five days.  Anyway, we were in the same parking lot, I got into the car turned the key and  it did nothing.  I thought ok we have gas what is going on here. So maybe it is the battery, not sure why it would be acting up it is relatively new.  Someone came over with jumper cables and got us started and we went home. I thought I don't think I want to be in Walmart parking lot anymore if the car is not going to work every time.  The next day hubby wants to go to the mailbox which is clear around the block and he can't walk there, and the car doesn't start again.  So we find out from a friend from church that he thinks it is the starter so he takes it and finds out that it needs to be rebuilt. Oh my goodness!  Anyway he didn't come back til today to put it in.  They turned the key and it went VROOOOOOOM!  lol yayyyyy.  I know that this is really long so I will be brief with my second reason for my YAYYYYYY title.   IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!!
Take care all.

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  1. Hello Janet, Thanks for stopping by. I have heard that when birds get bored or upset they will tend to pick at themselves and then it becomes a nervous habit. We are not the first owners of Trixie. She has been with about 4 or 5 families so far. The funny thing is that she was getting along with us wonderfully, and she was on my shoulder one morning and I was dancing to the music. She was bouncing around and I call it dancing. Well I just simply slapped my hands on the legs to the music and she freaked out. Started biting me and she really was upset for a couple weeks. biting me all the time. She has stopped the biting but now she has no feathers. The previous owners said she has done this before. Hopefully she will get back to normal. I hope you will stop again. Hope your car keeps running. Nice meeting you Have a good weekend. Lisa


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