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Friday, November 18, 2011

You Silly Girl :)

Hi everyone, not sure what to say tonight. It is 2:18 am.  You are probably thinking 'go to bed you silly girl.' lol  I am a night person. But I am sorta trying to be a not-so-late person. I had a nap today well, yesterday because I took a muscle relaxing pill. Dr. just ordered them because I am having pain from head to toe all the time. Like my arthritis and fibromyalgia  pills are not working. Dr. thinks it may be my muscles going nuts.  Yes, that is the official diagnosis. LOL I don't like having to take pills but I am a wimp when it comes to pain.  Well, I had this new pill, flexeril a few days ago for the first time. It is supposed to make you drowsy. I wasn't worried about that because I usually don't have any problems with drowsiness. Well, it made me more than drowsy, and it waited till about two hours after I took it to do it.  I was sooooo tired that I went to sleep for I don't remember how long.  I said to myself nope not taking that anymore.   So what did I do today well, yesterday?  I took it again and a couple hours later had a two hour nap. This is just taking one. Dr. wants me to take three in a day if I have to. Can you imagine my life on three? I don't even like the idea of sleep walking, let alone sleep LIVING.   Nope nope. I will pass thank you. :) 

Oh no, I am hungry. Nope, go to bed you silly girl. LOL  Have a great Friday everyone. :)

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