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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Whew! And Did You Remember to Turn Your Clocks Back?

Wow!  It is midnight now.  This day, Saturday, has been a very busy day.  It started out late. And ended in a mad rush to get the dishes done by midnight lol. I don't like to work on Sunday. It is my day of rest. Well, as much rest as one can get with rushing around in the morning getting ready for church. And 3 hours of church (which I love). And then trying to make something for dinner after.
And just what made today so busy you might ask? Well, lets see.....
  • I climbed a pile of stuff taller than me  in our storage unit and yanked out three long folding tables.
  • I rearranged the living room to make space for the tables as my work space for my business.
  • I dusted.
  • I vacuumed the living room and the hallway.
  • I swept the kitchen.
  • I hauled two window unit A/C out to the car, also some boxes and took garbage to the dumpster.
  • I made breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • And I washed a lot of dishes.
Right now I feel like I am 150 years old. LOL. But I am satisfied with how the house looks. And I won't have to look at work that needs to be done. Did that make sense? Whew!
Now I need to remember to change the clocks back before I go to bed.  I guess I will do that right now. Be right back. Ok, back. Done except for the one in the bedroom which will have to wait til I go to bed or til  in the morning. Did you all get yours turned back an hour?  Except for you  folks in Indiana and Arizona, I think it is. Well, has this been the most exciting post you have ever read? LOL Tomorrow it will be better. I can let you know how church was and what I learned.  I always go with the idea that someone is going to say something just for me.  Something that I need to hear. I love Sundays and church. And  once in a while I will be writing about my faith and what it means to me. :-)
Gotta go now.  You all take care and have a great Sunday and a wonderful week..byeee 


  1. Ours were turned back last night, and I sure did enjoy that extra hour of sleep. I sure do like my sleep. :)

    You got tons done yesterday! Doesn't it feel good to get a lot accomplished.

    I hope you have a great day at church and enjoy your day of rest.


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I would love to hear your leaf story. I remember playing in the leaves with my brother. I don't think my blog has my e-mail listed, but it is quentinvicki@yahoo.com.

    Have a great night.



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