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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

$2,800+ ARE YOU NUTS??? LOL

Hi all,

I guess this is the second of a two part 'ARE YOU NUTS? series. :)

Yesterday something strange happened here. I was sitting in the back of the house reading or watching TV when all of a sudden I heard a big noise and felt a rumbling beneath me. This was different than the usual noise and feeling of the house rattling from the wind. This happens because at the moment we are living a a single-wide mobile home. Kind of like this one:

When the wind blows we can feel the place move and it sometimes sounds like the roof is going to blow away. We are use to those moments. But yesterday was different. There was the big noise like it was the wind but there was the rumbling. And it seemed like the rumbling started in the back where I was and moved the length of the house. Like something went speeding under house.

A little while later Hubby went to the kitchen in the front of the house and opened the window and noticed that there was something out on the driveway.  When I looked out I saw two long thin pieces of vinyl. How they were laying there was odd. It is hard to describe. Each had an end that sat close to the two front corners of the house and the other ends were further away like this > only pointed up. Not sure if that explains it. lol

Anyway I went out to see what it was.  It was the lower track for the skirting. In the picture above the skirting is the part below the lower colored strip.  There is a casing goes across that covers the top edge of the skirting and a track below that the skirting sits in. Also the middle area of the skirting was pushed out, not completely torn away.

I thought this is weird. What could have happened? It was like the rumble under the house front back to front was something that sped along and plowed into the front end and stopped. The house is about a foot and a 1/2 off the ground. Anyway, made me think of the movie Tremors. Google it if you haven't seen it. :)

Later in the evening, actually later in the wee hours of this morning I noticed that the pilot light on the furnace was out again. This made me wonder if that and the gas lines had anything to do with the rumbling.  I went to light the pilot and it didn't work. Three times I tired. :(   So we had to sleep without the heat. Thank goodness it wasn't very cold inside or out.

This morning the maintenance guy came and got it working on his first try. Hmm. After that I asked a heating guy to come and look at the furnace. He said that the  problem is the ignition thing. And because the furnace is so old it will only get worse and should be replaced. They don't make this model anymore.  I asked how much would it cost. This is where the ARE YOU NUTS? comes in.

We said $2800 + WOW!  I thought well the lady that owns the place can pay for it since it was a preexisting problem. :)

Anyway that is the excitement that we had the last 46 hours. :)

Wasn't this a long and boring post? lol  We are hoping to find a house soon and move. And it will be that last move we make. :) Maybe a house that looks a little like this one 'cept  with not as many stairs.

I love log homes. :)

Take care my friends...

P.S.  12:00 am..... quite a while after posting this..just had to light the pilot light a few mins ago. My goodness. LOL


  1. Janet-We had to relight our furnace pilot light the other night too. It makes me nervous when there is anything abnormal about the furnace. That rumble reminded me of the day I was sitting at the dining room table painting (when am I NOT painting? ) and I heard and felt a rumble approach, and then roll away. It was a an earthquake. Last year we had 7 of them--very unusual. We didn't feel ANY of those!! Have a good day--Jan

  2. Goodness.. that's a scare. To have all of the skirting torn away.

    Sorry about the furnace pilot light going out again and again. You've certainly had your challenges with that thing!

    The price to replace the furnace does seem a bit steep too.

    I hope you are able to make your dream come true, and get that new house that you're wanting.

    Try to stay warm and cozy today :)

  3. Eek Janet, you must have thought you were going to take off in your mobile, or something,
    when that rumble came!
    I hope you get the home of your choice very soon. I LOVE log cabins! Here they are freely available in kit form, either British or imported from Scandinavia. I have spent many an hour drooling over similar ones to your pic.
    But the problem is getting planning permission
    ...so disappointing :( We are too crowded over here, I guess.
    A wooden house is so lovely! I'll dream with you,
    All the best my 'chocolate' - free friend!
    xxx Hazelnut

  4. I've lived in a mobile home too. I loved it, but we had to move when my ex-husband decided to go to BYU. If it's old though, it can be a pain. I hope you find the house you want to spend the rest of your years in.


  5. That rumbling sounds kind of creepy. Almost like a big monster ran under the skirting and knocked it off. (Big imagination here Lol)


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