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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heat Wave Oh Dear

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave......

 Ok pretend this is me......this is how I have been feeling all day. On top of the crummy-ness from yesterday. :(  Yuckie
Well, to explain a little about how crummy we've been feeling this weekend....hubby as had a bad time with his back. Every move he's made in the last few days  causes him to moan in pain. :(  He is better today though. YAYYYY.

 Then me...I have been a couple weeks without arthritis pills and a week without fibromyalgia pills. So  I have had a lot of pain from head to toe 24/7for the past couple of days (bone and nerve pain). Doctor said no more of the former and I ran out of the latter. Til we were able to get some today.  Also I have been kind of  weak and I bet dehydrated. :( I think I am doing a little better now. YAYYYY me.

And the bad timing of the heat isn't helping. lol  I don't need it to be hot outside which makes it hotter inside, when I can make my own heat wave (if you know what I mean).  And it was only in the mid 70s as far as I know.  They say tomorrow it will be 80.  Yikes!  I think I will go to a restaurant and live in their walk-in freezer for the day. LOL

I like this  picture better....
Ahhhhhh.......coolness :)


  1. I hope you and your husband are both feeling better! We had a cold rainy weekend. We really needed the rain, but I like my weekends sunny. :)

    Keep cool!


  2. Sometimes it all comes at once, eh? Praying it all turns out better.. We finally got our much needed rain so that is good.. I don't care for the heat...

  3. Good Morning Janet...
    sorry to hear about the health problems that you and your hubby are enduring. That's hard with the added warming up of the weather.

    You will be a night owl now for certain... out when the sun goes down--LOL

    I miss your visits to my blog... come visit if you get to feeling better :)

  4. Janet- I had no idea you suffered from arthritis and fibro. Do you know Donna (Gigi's Creations). She has been suffering, too, although you would never know it. I have reactive arthritis so I fully understand the pain. I am hoping you can get your body into a restive state. xo Diana

  5. Oh girl, good thing you weren't in St. George. It was in the 90's. Not ready for it yet. I have arthritis in my neck (they say it's really bad) and in my knees. It hurts alot, so I know how you are feeling. Fybromyalgia, whew, that is a double whammy. You poor thing. No wonder you don't sleep. I hope you feel better soon!
    Take care kiddo!

  6. Dear Janet,

    My name is Donna - Diana suggested we meet as we both suffer with a few of life's challenges. I'd love to chat, as I know how hard it is each second, of every minute, in every hour, every day of the week, month, and year.

    Though my faith in our Savior I know I will be healed, and through that faith I get up every morning and when evil sees my eyes flutter, they fly around telling their boss and he says 'oh crap - another day of HER beating me!' Yep, that's me!

    Any time, Janet, I'd love to chat - we walk in each others shoes, I figure Jesus sent Diana to me to send this message to you!


    PS Oh my gosh - I just saw your sign below my comment when I went to hit the 'publish' button - we're the same kind of women!


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