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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sleep?? Whats That?? LOL

Ok , this is nuts. LOL

It is almost 4am again.  Last night, 24 hours ago I was still up. Then I went to bed and my husband got up because he couldn't sleep. So I stayed awake til about 7am then fell asleep for a few hours.

Tonight or this morning, pardon me, :) I am getting ready, sorta, to go to bed and now my hubby is awake and out here again. My goodness.

Ok, one totally unrelated question then I will go.

I have another blog that I added pages to. Did I ask this last time? Can't remember.  I am trying to figure out how to post separate posts with comment space on these additional pages. Right now it just looks like all I can do is post then click edit that post and add another one to it. So one or more in the same post with just the one comment space. Does that make sense? Anyway, if it does and you know the answer please let me know, k? Thank you. :)

Now back to original topic.  How fair is this? ( See below)

Awww, see how peacefully asleep they are? Maybe I need to get a pacifier. :)

Or this one.... 

Even Garfield is sleeping all comfy cozy.  Maybe I need a pacifier AND a big fluffy pillow. :)

Anyway, gotta run. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Take care.....



  1. Perhaps some warm milk? grin... oxox

  2. Yay! I can comment today. :) I hope you were able to get some sleep last night.

    My kid's favorite Garfield comic goes something like this. Oh no! I overslept.....I'm late.....for my nap! :)

  3. Wowsa.. girl you need some valarian root.
    All natural herbal sleep aid.. and it works great !
    Or maybe like Faye suggested.. warm milk :)

    Sorry I don't know how to help with the technical stuff.

  4. I hate it when I get those sleepless fits occasionally. I was just thinking it might be time for new pillows.


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