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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogs Blogs And More Blogs


Well, today I spent hours working on my other blogs. I have one that has extra pages. I moved info I had on a similar type of blog on another site over to this new one. I added videos, and photos.  And did other things that took forever. Yesterday or the day before I was changing templates so I could do all this.

I also found neat backgrounds for all of them. :) The 'Background- Changer' strikes again. LOL

And I was working on washing dishes, making dinner, making phone calls during it all too. Whew! Makes me tired just writing about it. LOL

Ouch! I have been sitting too long. :)

I am still getting caught up on reading your blogs too. :)

Have a great day everyone.

Take care. ((HUGS))

Oops! How did that get there?? LOL



  1. It takes a good long while to get everything right on a blog, doesn't it? Chocolate cake was your treat for getting everything done, right? xo Diana

  2. No! No! No! You are NOT ALLOWED chocolate Missy!! Behave!! I just happened to be online when Misi posted that I won! YAY! Thanks for pointing it out though! --hugs, Jan

    P.S. Behave!!!

  3. Now did you have to put that cake on there? Torture, I tell you, torture!

  4. You've been busy! All that type of stuff always seem to take forever to do. Virtual chocolate cake, the best kind to have ;)


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