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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi there,

Do you remember this  picture from my March 11th post? There were several others too.  I was kinda having a chocolate attack.

Also remember I had to be in the hospital over night with chest pains? The doctor said he didn't think it was a heart problem,  maybe my esophagus or maybe acid reflux. Well,  a couple weeks ago the doctor prescribed  a pill for me to take and told me no alcohol, no problem there,  no something (can't remember), no problem there.  And he said no caffeine. I thought well no  problem there either cause I don't drink coffee. 

Then a very weird feeling came over me. :(  Sniff, sniff.  Chocolate has caffeine in it. OH NO! I told him that I am a chocoholic. He said no chocolate. Lower lip starts quivering..Sniff, sniff again.  He said you have to do this so that we can get proper results. Its only for four weeks.  ONLY FOR FOUR WEEKS ??  

I am now at the beginning of week 2.  I'm almost half way there.

You chocoholics out there...have you ever gone to the store to get a treat and found:

Chocolate here
Chocolate there
Chocolate, chocolate

It is very hard to find non-chocolate treats that will satisfy the cravings of a chocoholic.

OH DEAR!  Remember this??

Biting lower lip.  I know, you are asking, why is she torturing herself, right?   I have no answer for you, I'm sorry.

I think I better go. LOL Take care my friends...

    BIG HUGS :)


  1. Oh boy... that would be hard. I too am a chocoholic. Love chocolate!!

    Do you think you could have tootsie rolls?

  2. No tootsie rolls for YOU girl!! I know it is hard--especially after Easter when we always buy chocolate half price!! Be strong--if you crack and have chocolate, the tests won't be accurate and you will have to GO WITHOUT FOR FOUR MORE WEEKS!!! :) Life is too cruel!--Jan

  3. LOL Janet! Hang in there. If you are really dieing for something you could go to a health food store and get something made with carob. It's a vegan alternative to chocolate and I eat it all the time, no caffeine.

  4. Oh my, I think I would jump off a cliff or something!..lol....Not really! I have gone off chocolate for a span of time and it gets easier as time goes by, but if you eat it, again the cravings for it, come right back!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Well, I am NOT that way about chocolate but if I had to give up coffee it might put me over the edge...like WAY over the edge! Blessings...Hope all your tests turn out okay. xo Diana

  6. I'm sorry but if you put that chocolate cake in front of me, I'd HAVE to eat it! Just HAVE to!
    Hang in there, only 2 more weeks to go, and by the time that has gone, maybe you won't want it anymore. Bazinga!


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