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Friday, April 13, 2012

Save Your Brain Cells, Turn Off The TV LOL

Good morning everyone,

A friend of mine came up with this post title. I had asked him for a topic.  lol

I don't really think I can talk about saving my brain cells now cause it is kinda late and they aren't working very well. Soooo I will show some interesting TV pictures instead.

What I didn't notice about this one when I got it from Google was that it has doors on it. Wow, 1952 model. Before my time, just a bit. :)

This one above reminds me of my grandparents TV. See the two big dials?  You had to get up off your duff and turn it on/off, up/down, and change the channels. All 6 of them. lol And it was a black and white.

This is a color console.

This one has a radio and you open the top and find a record player/turntable.

 Remember the small portable ones?

Now, there are flat screen TVs. Wow, from 1952 to 2012. That's 60 years of TV. But it has been around longer. Just a little longer. :)

Oh and remember this from the 'olden' days?....

My, how things have changed. :)

But what did people do before TV?

They listened to the radio. How would it be? Back in the days when it was safe. No censoring because there was no need. Programs that let you use your imagination. Nothing to see or hear that would corrupt your mind. Uh oh, I better stop there or my little soap box will come out. LOL

So ends our little trip down memory lane.  

Have a great day everyone....Take care


  1. Ah come on, I can't turn off my TV, what would I do with myself? Looking at those old TV's brings back some memories. TV has come a long way baby, and I'm gonna enjoy it! :)))

  2. I remember the days of black and white TV- Jackie Gleason, I Love Lucy, Jack Benny...where not a naughty word was allowed past the censors...well, except for live broadcasts. I was 5 when we got our first black and white TV and we got three channels. xo Diana

  3. Ah.. the good ol' days!

    My grandparents had a big old radio, and we would listen to that when we were little.

    We didn't have a t.v.
    My dad thought it was a waste of time.
    How right he was!!

  4. O - oh, we still have one similar to the portable, except silver! :0 How old -fashioned is that? You can tell TV is not the highest priority in our house! We might get rid of it altogether...
    xxx Funny old hippy Hazelnut!

    PS I'd like to live in a Yurt. Seriously.Well, maybe in the Summer...


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