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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome, Thank You, And Spring??

Howdy everybody,

Welcome to Karen :) Thank you for stopping by and becoming a follower of my blog. 
And thank you to all my other followers for being so kind and welcoming me to blogland. :) Thank you so much too, for your sweet and caring comments.

Spring?? Well, I don't know. lol  We have had some nice days lately. One day last week it was 59 degrees. The highest I've seen it since last fall.  AND all the snow is gone from our yard. And we have GREEN grass. YAYYY! But... we are supposed to get snow a few days this week. (Shrug)  That's Utah/Wyoming for you.

The weather has a mind of it's own. What happens here is, is at the end of winter the weather starts to warm up and be nice and spring-like. It does this for about a week.  Then BAM! We get a blizzard.  Then at the end of summer, after boiling to death from the heat, (lol) the weather gets cooler like fall weather. For about a week. Then BAM!  We get a 100 degree heat wave.  Oh the mind games it plays.

So we are never really sure when spring will come, or IF it will come. lol.  We just wait, and wait and....

Green grass and birdies so far. No pretty flowers like the ones below yet.

Gotta run. Have a great Tuesday everyone...

Take care...

 Awww :)


  1. Have faith--Spring WILL come!! :) Our weather is usually like that too...we normally have a St. Patrick's Day heavy snow, but not this year. The weather is just freaky this year...a bit scared what it will be like this summer...maybe THAT'S when we will get the snow!!! YIKES!!---smiles, Jan

  2. So true!
    We do have crazy weather in our little area of the world.
    It was super cold here on Sun. and the snow....sheesh!
    It all melted off yesterday, and the temps. warmed a bit.
    Can hardly wait until I can complain about the heat ...LOL!

  3. Lol...I think Ms janet is getting impatient for Spring...It will come.. We've had beautiful weather but today it is storming like crazy..I hated seeing the sun leave but the tinkle of the rain drops on the trailer roof are so soothing...One of my favorite sounds..I just might have to lay down and take a nap..LOL..seems taht is all I've eanted to do since surgery...well no pre surgery too..but today I could actually enjoy the raindrop lullaby as I drifted off to dream land..

    Hope your having a good day!


  4. Spring is like that here too. We may not get a blizzard, but I've seen it hot one day and snow huge flakes the next.


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